How to get started

  • Open crx package manager
  • Install necessary slice package for your AEM instance. You can find needful package with help of follow table:
AEM version Slice version Get package
AEM 6.1 Slice 4.0 Contact us
AEM 6.0 Slice 4.0 Contact us
CQ 5.6.1 Slice 4.0 Contact us
CQ 5.6.1 Slice 3.2.1 Contact us
  • Then install BFL content package. To get the BFL package, please, contact us.
  • Make sure that installation is successfully completed. Open Web Console. Then bundles partition. Slice and BFL bundles must be active:
AEM Web Console Bundles
  • Open siteadmin (websites)
  • Choose some BFL sample page:
Choose sample page
  • Make sure that you see content correctly:
Check content
  • You can also create own page by using BFL Starter Page template:
Starter Page Template