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The library of opportunities

«Bootstrap Foundation Library» - is a component library for «Adobe Experience Manager» content management system.

What is BFL?

About AEM

Adobe Experience Manager or AEM (former Adobe CQ5) – is a corporate web content management system with many features to manage a large number of websites, user behavior analysis platform, load balancing, separated environments for editing and viewing web sites.

Why the component library is required for AEM?

«Mobile revolution» in the Web during the last five years made a significant impact on the web site development approach and so the content management systems too, since the web sites are being accessed more and more from the variety of mobile devices. Adobe, Inc. came to solve this problem only in 2015. AEM 6.1 release contains the new tools and features for working with modern websites, capable of displaying well on a mobile devices. Despite the need to keep pace with the times, instant jump through several versions of CQ/AEM it is not always possible. Therefore SoftWerke company has developed a library compatible with earlier versions of AEM CMS (versions 5.6.1 - 6.1), which would facilitate its users to work with adaptive sites.

What is BFL?

BFL library is a set of additional features for the AEM CMS that allows to overcome the existing limitations in it. Using BFL allows to speed up the web page creation with the correct and ergonomic displaying of web components on the mobile devices, expands the abilities of creating the web pages by the authors, supplies the additional means for creating interactive components by the developers.

BFL main features


Extended Functionality

that provides the variety of configuration options, flexible components tuning and using of the existing visual Bootstrap themes.

Build on Bootstrap

the most popular framework that makes web development fast and easy, simple for implementation and further support.

26 components

for AEM extending the existing capabilities while providing the additional configuration tools and options not available previously.

Responsive Design

Using Bootstrap ensures comfortable view of web pages, scaling the whole web site for all sort of devices, from phones and tablets to desktops in all modern browsers.

Media Content

of the embedded services such as - Youtube, Vimeo and Soundcloud, unavailable in standard AEM.

How to start

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About SoftWerke

Softwerke company was founded in 2005 and specializes in software development and support for customers in Russian and foreign markets. In 2006 Softwerke started working with SAP SE (Germany) orders participating in development and support projects in the area of portal technologies. Successful cooperation with SAP SE significantly contributed to Softwerke technological profile - Java Enterprise and web technologies.